Susy Carrillo

Greetings and blessings to all the beautiful souls reading my bio!

My name is Susy. Raised in a small town near Amarillo Texas, I had a pretty fun childhood. It was exciting living on a farm with my three sisters and with so many different animals. My aunts and uncles would frequently visit along with all my cousins, and we just really enjoyed our get-togethers.

My early adulthood was not so much fun. Having my share of physical, emotional, and financial abuse while trying to raise my children was challenging, to say the least. I had moved far away from home, and I had no support. But I stand before you all today, proud to have been able to raise very independent and hard-working children. I have learned to set healthy boundaries to protect my peace. I give God all the glory. I would not have made it without Jesus Christ in my heart.

My passion to help young girls learn to set healthy boundaries and better manage their early life and empower women to find their voice and purpose has brought me to create this group. I'm excited to meet a lot of you and have great hope to be able to help someone (or a multitude) along the way.

Today I heal from the people that pushed me verbally but did not support me. ~Marcus Elevation Taylor

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A peer-to-peer group of women from all walks of life that are dedicated to building a sisterhood to mentor and empower other women and young girls at every stage of life.

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